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How to load data from a Google Spreadsheet that is updated regularly

You may want to reference the data from a Google Spreadsheet that gets updated on a regular basis. Maybe it is your stock levels, maybe it is a price list that fluctuates.

Go to your Google spreadsheet, and click the "Share" button in the top right. Firstly, we need to make this spreadsheet public, so that TaskPipes can access it.

Click "Get Shareable Link" in the dialogue that appears.

Then select the link sharing setting "On - Anyone with the link" and hit save:

The spreadsheet is now public, so what we need to do is generate a link to a CSV file of one of the the individual sheets within this spreadsheet.

Make sure that the sheet that you want to reference is the active one.

Look at the URL. It will look something like this:


Take a note of the SPREADSHEET_ID and SHEET_ID. These will probably be a long series of characters, though the SHEET_ID will be "0" if this is the first sheet.

Create the CSV URL for this sheet in the following format:


Now you can use this link in TaskPipes wherever you might want to reference an "External Link". (e.g. an Input Data or Lookup step)

Whenever you run the pipe, TaskPipes will go to that link, download the csv file representing that sheet, and load the data into the system.

Of course, if this data gets updated, then TaskPipes will pull in the new data.