TaskPipes will be shutting down 30th November 2018. Please migrate any processes to an alternative solution before then.


an email attachment

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insert into database

Data comes from different sources in different formats; and getting it to the right place in the right format can take hours of tedious work every week.

With TaskPipes, you can pull in data from emails, third party APIs and elsewhere; reformat and manipulate it the way you need; and export it to a range of different locations.

Design pipes through our online interface, set them to run automatically and free up hours of your precious time.

Use now

1. Input your data

Automatically receive email attachments; connect to an external API; or upload CSV/Excel/Zip/Text files.

2. Define the process

Clean, manipulate, aggregate and filter your data with our pipe designer. Set your process to run on a schedule.

3. Output the Result

Choose from multiple outputs, including databases, PDF reports sent via email and Google spreadsheets.

What about data security?

Security of your data is obviously of the utmost importance for us at TaskPipes.

All data transfer is over industry-standard 128 bit encryption, meaning that you can have peace of mind that your data is safe.